Saturday, May 29, 2010

Aurora's Project Part 1: Biracial Filipinos/as and Filipino/a videos from YouTube

Today's blog entry is in 3 parts.  I am currently writing a paper that goes along with poems I have written for a book that I plan to publish. The blog was created to help me generate ideas and discuss the social construction of race, identity, and the historical issues associated with racial identity.

Since I have an afroasian identity that changes the perception of who and what I am, depending on how others perceive me, or, depending on which country, conference, community, university, or event I happen to be in, I have chosen to focus on my experiences and the diverse experiences of other afroasian identities who have either been excluded from research, minimally included in research, and/or marginalized in current discussions about race. The paper, blog project and poetry are works in progress.

I thank Everyone who posted the YouTube videos. Without your videos, today's entries would not be possible. 

In a couple of weeks, I will be sitting on a panel at Wayne County Community College's Global Womens' Empowerment Conference. Today's blog has many purposes but one of them is to illustrate how I empower myself as a female-educator-scholar-poet-researcher by creating research or education projects for myself and others to study, discuss, or enjoy, and, staying connected to the world around me and people who are like me.

Here are a few videos of persons who are of Black/Filipino/a; African American Filipino/a; African Filipino/a descent; Filipinos/as, and persons of Afro Asian and Asian-Asian descent born in America or countries outside of America, like the P.I., France, England, Jamaica, Brazil, and so on. Their are different identifiers that exist which are based on how an individual, others or laws detrmine what a person's racial identity is. 

First, let's look at how prejudice, stereotypes, or racism are transmitted in the media. Second, we'll look at different experiences of Black-Filipinos,  and, Asians mixed with other races.

The first video is about protests against ABC's Desperate Housewives, that contained a slur regarding Medical Schools in the Philippines. The last link is me on reading the poem On Deaf Ears. I finally figured out how to get the video into the blog! (the upload links didn't work before, so i had to send you through links that belong to friends). As you go through today's entries (Parts 1, 2 and 3), watch the videos, think about the diversity and commonalities in how people see themselves and others,  how "others" see people of Asian-Black or Black Asian descent,  how cultures are mixed for creative expression. How is information and commentary presented?  How does the information shape or  affect the perception or thoughts of the audience?  Whose voice is really being heard?

Desperate Housewives Philippine Med School Slur, Fox 13 News

1. Half Black N' Filipino Where U At?

2. Afro-Pinay: The Quest and the Questions

3. From Sister Fatima: He's Not Adopted, He's My Son

4. Speak Out Episode 1 Filipino Identity

5. Hapas: A Half-and-Half Debate ( From Speakout Sessions)

6. Being "Mixed" -Part 1

7. Black Eyed Peas' Alan Pineda sings "Bebot" in Tagalog: Half Filipinos Rock

* Alan is known today as the American hip hop artist He was born in Sapang Bato, Angeles City, Pampanga, in the Philippines, to a Filipino mother and an African American father

8. From Two Brothers: 10 Reasons Why We Love Being Blasian

9.   Two Australian Filipino dancers are judged on Australia's So You Think You Can Dance:
Full Pinoy J.D. & Half Pinay Rhiannon on Aus Tv

10. Me reading the poem On Deaf Ears, that I sent to President Obama re: Health Care in Dec. 2009

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