Saturday, May 29, 2010

Aurora's Project: Part 3. Filipino/a, Asian American, Asian Hip Hop Artists

This section illustrates part of the global impact of Hip Hop Culture and covers Filipino/a, Asian, and Asian American Hip Hop Artists.

1. Long Story Short Ep1 "Hip-Hop" featuring Asian American artists

2. Philippine All-Stars 2008 World Hip Hop Champions (HQ) Dance competition held in California:

3. Khmer Cambodian Female Rapper: Lisha Clip - Woman

4. AfroChinese Singer/ Rapper:  Lou Jing

 5.  CNN Report on racism towards Lou Jing and why she didn't win contest because of her skin color

6. Pharrell Williams on Nightline

7. Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams Give Business Advice re: Music Industry:
 Advice from the Neptunes


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