Saturday, May 29, 2010

Aurora's Project: Part 2. Abandoned Children of American Soldiers

Part 2 of today's postings highlights the lives of biracial Asians. 
For Students and educators: After watching the video's, what questions can be raised for future discussions? How does the media treat biracial people? Compare how the media handles a slur against Filipinos in Desperate Housewives to comments from judges of a dance show in Australia concerning two Filipino dancers, and, the Nightline interview of Pharrell.

Let's look at Chinese Jamaicans. How are their lives and the lives of others in the videos on this blog similar or different?

1. New York News story: Two Sisters

2. Realize - Hakka Chinese Jamaican reggae singers

A few years ago after a poetry reading at Wayne State University, an African American woman who was a student asked me if I could help her find her mixed race siblings in the Philippines. Her father was a soldier...she found letters to his lover. After about a year of trying to help her, we could not locate her siblings. Because research has a weird way of bringing memories back, here are some videos regarding the abandoned biracial children of soldiers:

1. From the BBC documentary: Amerasians - abandoned children from the Vietnam War- Holidays in the Danger Zone - America Was Here-

2. From TFCBalitang: Balitang America: Amerasians: Mixed Filipino Children of American Soldiers (in Tagalog and English)

3. In memory of the children I saw in 1981 and 1986 when I went to my other "home" as a Balik Bayan, here is a film called Subic Bay Children's Home - Amerasian Orphan Children Olongapo City, Philippines . It is sponsored by a stateside church:

4. In 1975, I was in high school. This is a PBS film called: Daughter of Danang. It is about 2000 orphaned children of American soldiers that were air lifted out of Vietnam.

Daughter from Danang

PBS Indies | MySpace Video

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