Friday, February 5, 2010

Jazz Note # 1: Aurora n In The Tradition Jazz Band's New Cd; Track 9 Yurugu

I received a call from Olujimi. During our conversation, he informed me that jazz trumpeter Clark Terry won a Grammy the other night. Therefore, I will begin today's notes by saying, "Congratulations Clark Terry!" More about the great news can be found at

Clark Terry is the uncle of trumpeter Charles Hopkins, who is a member of the In The Tradition Jazz Band and appears on the new CD, "The Tradition Continues!" (I appear on Track 9 as the Spoken Word Artist who wrote and performed the poem "Yurugu" as a co-composer with Olujimi Tafataona).

Olujimi also informed me a few minutes ago, that he spoke with a DJ in New Orleans at WWOZ 90.7 FM and the cd "The Tradition Continues" is getting airplay. The cd has been sent to over 50 radio stations in the U.S.A and abroad. Many of them are college or independent radio stations. I'm really happy to hear that folks around the world have a chance to listen to the latest jazz release from a Detroit band!

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  1. Wonderful. I wonder if they still call Clark Terry "Mumbles" because of the way he scats??

    Nice photo, Aurora. Good to see you.