Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Morning Coffee With Michigan Senator Martha Scott: Arts, Politics and Int'l Trade

This is an example of how Civic Literacy can assist you.

On February 1, 2010, at 8:00 a.m. I drove to a McDonald's restaurant on the east side of Detroit to meet with collegues and Senator Martha Scott regarding the availability of state funding for non profit arts and education programs, and, assistance, training and resources for small businesses that want to do international trade.

I shared with Senator Scott and her assistants that my collegues and I were active role models and mentors who are interested in teaching Detroit's youth how to become educated leaders. I also shared that I interviewed the United States Ambassador to the African Union, Amina Salum Ali when she visited Detroit during Africa Week last year and that she encouraged small businesses and educators to work with and in African countries. I stated to that I was aware that Governor Granholm encouraged larger businesses in Michigan, such as those connected to the auto or technology industries, to engage in foreign trade and positive business relations. I asked,"What kind of assistance or resources does the State of MI have for small businesses?"

Senator Scott informed us that the State of Michigan has made several financial cuts and we were directed to the MEDC to get more information. The MEDC is the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. At the local level, regarding afterschool programming, we were asked to call Robert Bobb, who is currently working with Detroit's school district.

To give an example of what kind of cuts The State of Michigan made concerning Arts, Libraries and History, please see the following link from MLive's Grand Rapids news:

After the meeting with Senator Scott, an Asian woman introduced herself to me and said that she listened to me talk about international trade. She told me that she was a professor from Eastern Michigan University in the College of Business and that she and her husband worked with a delegation of educators that went to China. I Informed the professor that I graduated from EMU last year. She suggested that I contact student groups on campus to familiarize myself with exchange students' experiences and knowledge of their countries.
Senator Scott's aid gave me a directory of all of Michigan's legislators and suggested that we also contact representatives that work for Wayne County.

It is nice to know that Senator Scott takes the time to meet with the community. I learned that she has been having "Coffee with The Senator" meetings for about five years. It's a great way to discuss concerns, gain ideas, suggestions and network with those from and outside the City of Detroit.

Senator Scott meets every Monday from 8:30 am - 9:30 am as follows:
1st Monday of the month: McDonalds on Gratiot and 7 mile.
2nd Monday: Mainstreet Restaurant on Jos Campau in Hamtramck
3rd Monday: Caribou Coffee House on Main St in Royal Oak
4th Monday: McDonalds on Woodward in Highland Park

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