Monday, February 8, 2010

Jazz Note # 2: At Alvins, The Carter Brothers

On Feb 2nd, I went to Alvin's to hear the musical reunion of the Carter Brothers. Robert, Kevin and James Carter with Michael Cassem, Michael Evans and George 'Bubba' scales played a couple of sets that included jazz, funk and r & b. There was also a jam session that included the vocalist Ping and Gwen Laster on violin. In between sets, James sat at my table and I learned that he would be leaving to tour on the 6th. I picked up one of his broken reeds, joked that I would wear it in my hair as a talisman and we had a good laugh. James' tour schedule can be found at

Robert Carter's performance schedule and video clips can be found on his facebook page:

Kevin Carter's performance schedule and photos can be found on s
his facebook page as well:

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