Sunday, February 7, 2016

Aurora Harris' Recorded Poetry; Videos; Interviews, Projects at Libraries; Other for Students and Researchers

1. The In The Tradition Jazz compact disc "The Tradition Continues" that has my spoken word piece "Yurugu," found in the collection Solitude of Five Black Moons published by Broadside Press and University of Detroit Mercy Press can be heard here: Other In the Tradition Jazz music from the cd may also be found at the link above. 2. "On Deaf Ears" the poem I sent to President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden re: the state of health care in Detroit, MI in 2009, when I was strugglng with an illness I had: 3. A presentation on Broadside Press and poetry reading as part of the INCA Art and Poetry Series in Detroit, August 25, 2012. I open with a reading of Audre Lorde's poetry: 4. Black History Month Broadside Press Poetry reading by Aurora Harris and Christopher Rutherford at the Charles H. Wright Museum February 22, 2013 5. Video of me as a Keynote Speaker for Filipino Cultural Night- University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. I am speaking about the importance of education, culture, and my family history. I close with my poem "Rice." The video is dark, but I thank James Wilson for recording it and posting it on You Tube. 6. Broadside Lotus Press: Broadside Press' 50th Anniversary Poetry Reading: "Suite Dudley" at the Detroit Public Library; September 2015; Poets- Albert M. Ward with John Hardy, Leslie Reese, and Aurora Harris. I am reading from Solitude of Five Black Moons, "When The Poets Became Jukeboxes," a response to Dudley Randall's "A Poet Is Not A Jukebox," to blues music. Click the circle on the right side of the web page to see the video 7. Feb 13, 2013 Report on Detroit's Truth and Reconcilliation Commission(no longer existing)by Chris Maharis. An audio report on the destruction of the J.L. Hudson store building in Downtown Detroit Michigan Now: "Racism at Hudson's" has lines from my poem "There's Always Something About Spit," a memory poem from my mother, sister and I being spat on by white women behind the J.L. Hudson Department Store in Detroit, MI in the 1960's. 8. Sept 16,2013 The Detroit City Poets Oral History Project; Cass Corridor Print Culture by Monika Berenyi: CDR Oral History of Broadside Press recordings of my interview, along with Gloria House, Albert M. Ward and Christopher Rutherford housed at Wayne State University: 9. Detroit Poetry Print Culture Archive: 10. Article: Wayne State University Farmers Market: Photo of me shoppping; "Customer Aurora Harris considers greens..." 11. Feb 1997: Wayne State University article regarding International Women's Day Poetry Reading at the Women's Perogative Bookstore in Ferndale, MI:

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