Sunday, September 19, 2010

Big Think Interview With Pedro Noguera/Autism/ Parent n Teacher resources

Today's blog contains resources for parents, teachers, and scholars. In the past month, I have been working with parents, teachers, community workers, and a couple of members of the Detroit Public Schools Board to address concerns with the district plans and parents with children that are in Special Education classes and transition programs. Therefore, I decided to make another list of resources that address learning, literacy, special education, and culture. The first entry is a video of Dr. Pedro Noguera. He is a sociologist that tries to understand the social contexts that influences what goes on in schools. In the video, he offers his analysis of what is going on in Detroit, MI and how it has affected our schools and students' ability to learn. Just click on the links! -- Aurora

Here is a link concerning Autism.

Managing disabilities in college and vocational school:

About learning disabilities: 

Literacy Center: The  Early Childhood Education Network
Read Today ! Net   Reading worksheets in English, Spanish, German, and French
National Capital Language Resource Center  (NCLRC)  Teaching materials by language:
The National Capital Language September 2010 Newsletter
International Children’s Digital Library
Metropolitan Center for Urban Education
Dr. Pedro Noguera  guest editor to The Nation article on education 

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