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Broadside Press Updates and Info About My EMU Alumni Interview

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Here is the latest Broadside Press News. Please feel free to circulate it to your email lists.

Broadside Press Contact Information: P.O. Box 2011 Detroit, MI 48202
Phone: 313 586-4577 

* We are not accepting new poetry manuscripts for publication at this time, however we are putting out a second call for our Hip Hop Anthology. The deadline is open at this time. We are looking for poetry, short essays and literature reviews that expresses the Hip Hop Movement and its daily, local, national, and global effects, and, concerns. We are also accepting submissions from other countries for this anthology.


Noted for its history of publishing the foremost African American poets of the last 40 years, Broadside Press is calling for submissions to an upcoming anthology, Broadside Speaks Hip Hop. This collection will feature the work of young and adult writers who have matured in the cultural climate of the hip hop movement of the last few decades. The anthology editors are interested in the following kinds of work:

· Poetry which reflects the styles, political concerns, and critical commentary characteristic of the hip hop genre.

· Poetry which reflects new modes of expression, or a new aesthetic.

· Poetry written for spoken word performance.

· Poetry which exemplifies serious intellectual engagement and technical mastery.

· Poetry which deals with the pressing socio-political concerns and issues of the African Diaspora.

· Poetry which expresses African and African American spirituality.

· Poetry which refers to African diasporan history.

Broadside looks forward to the publication of this anthology and the presentation of new writers in keeping with our legacy of making the finest literary productions of our community available to the world.

Please use 11 or 12 font size. You may submit 3 or 4 poems, one poem per page. The maximum pages of poetry is 4 pages, which allows for one poem that is 2 pages long and 2 short poems. For short essays and lit reviews 1800 word maximum. Make sure you include your name and contact info, including email, with the titles of your submission on a separate sheet. Include your name at the top of each poem, essay and lit review.

Send submission to: Broadside Press P.O. Box 02307 Detroit, MI


1. The Broadside Press functions in conjunction with the Dudley Randall Center for Print and Media at the University of Detroit-Mercy campus located on Livernois and McNichols in Detroit, MI. You may go to the University's website and look for posts about the Poets Theater there, or look for dates posted on Aurora Harris' facebook events page.

2. The Broadside Press Poet's Theater runs every third Sunday of the month from 3-6pm at U of D-Mercy and follows the university's semester schedule. We have featured readers and open mic.
June 20th is the last open mic until further notice. July is the month that we run our Institute of Cultural Studies.

3. The Broadside Press Institute of Cultural Studies takes place every summer for discussion and poetry workshops at the University of Detroit-Mercy campus. We will meet on Saturdays. July 12,17,24,31 from 12pm to 3 pm. contact Aurora at

4. The Aquarius Press & Broadside Press Writers and Poets Conference takes place in Idlewild, MI, the historic summer resort of many African American families, poets, writers and musicians. The dates are August 12-14 2010. The deadline for registration is July 31, 2010.

Click on this for more info 

if page doesn't work go to:

5. NEW POETRY CD INFO: Fellow board member Al Ward has a new spoken word and jazz cd called About Love Sometimes...The Poetry of Soul by Albert M. Ward. Also reading on this cd is board member Dr. Gloria House (Aneb Kgositsile).

You can listen to poetry and jazz samples of Al's cd by clicking on this

6. Board member Aurora Harris wrote a poem called "Yurugu" for the jazz composition called "Yurugu" by Detroit's In The Tradition Jazz Band. The music and poem were inspired by scholar Marimba Ani's book "Yurugu." The cd has been receiving world air play on radio stations in the US and other countries. To order the cd go to

Aurora's John Coltrane poems on Radio Free Amsterdam are found on her blog at

Click the following to see my interview:

Aurora's interview about her being a scholar-poet-activist

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